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Your commercial building is your company’s primary asset.  It’s where you do business, provide service and make a statement about your brand.  It’s where employees go to work each day and where customers come to do business and it’s where you want it to be comfortable—a place where employees and customers alike feel welcome and can do their jobs well.

Commercial HVAC systems are subject to a variety of challenges, from seasonal changes in temperature to the constant flow of air inside the building.

Since they are used in so many different ways—as a way to control the temperature, to distribute and re-circulate air, to provide filtered air for a safe indoor environment—commercial HVAC systems need to be designed and installed with a wide range of considerations in mind. 

When you want reliable, consistent and optimized performance from your commercial HVAC system, you need a professional.

A professional like AirOstat, Inc. who is dedicated to providing exceptional HVAC services to businesses throughout Los Angeles County, California. 

We offer expert installation, service and maintenance of commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment tailored specifically to your unique business needs.

Further boasting a team of experienced professionals all committed to staying on top of trends in technology and innovation, we stand ready to provide quick response times, same-day service when available and no hidden fees or overtime charges.

So why wait? Reach out today to learn more about how AirOstat, Inc. can deliver peace of mind with superior commercial HVAC installation and support!

Air Cooled Chiller - commercial chiller repair

Water Cooled Chiller & commercial chiller repair

commercial chiller repair

As a locally owned and operated business serving all of Los Angeles County for over ten years, AirOstat, Inc. knows that it’s not just about providing customers with great service—it’s about providing them with customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. We take pride in our dedication to providing professional commercial 

Our HVAC and commercial chiller repair services are quick, efficient and cost-effective.

1. Air-Cooled Chillers

Known for their effective, efficient and low-maintenance operation, air-cooled chillers are an ideal choice for many commercial businesses and office complexes due to their small size and flexibility with multiple uses (for both heating and cooling).

They’re also far more affordable than other options—and since they’re designed to fit specific applications within your business or building, you’ll never have to worry about being forced into a subpar product.

In fact, AirOstat, Inc. has extensive experience working with air-cooled chillers from top manufacturers like Johnson Controls, Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., Carrier Corporation and more, so you can count on getting quality workmanship backed by solid warranties on all our work.

So, whether you need a new air-cooled chiller or replacement performed, trust AirOstat, Inc. to take care of you! 

2. Water-Cooled Chillers

Requiring less maintenance than air-cooled chillers and able to provide reliable operation for extended periods of time—even with repeated start / stop cycles—water- cooled chillers are a common choice for businesses that need consistent, predictable performance from their commercial HVAC systems. 

Aesthetically pleasing, water cooled chillers are also considered more environmentally friendly since they don’t discharge any contaminants into local water supplies like ponds or lakes; instead, they use evaporative cooling to draw water through a heat exchanger and convert it into a usable cooling medium to control the temperature within your building during hot summer months. 

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If you’re looking for commercial HVAC and commercial chiller repair services that not only work efficiently, but are also designed to minimize environmental impact (and save you money), give AirOstat, Inc. a call today! It’s never too early to start planning for future performance.

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