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Commercial HVAC Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than an incorrectly heated building. HVAC systems are essential for creating a comfortable living or working environment in homes and businesses. That explains why the annual market value of air conditioning and heating contractors in the United States alone exceeds $120 billion!

Of course, that figure would be lower if people didn’t commit mistakes during commercial HVAC installation. The cost of fixing mistakes made by installers on commercial heating systems is frequently incurred. You may save significant money if you can avoid the most common installation mistakes.

What are the most common mistakes made during commercial HVAC installation, and how to avoid them? Continue reading to discover everything there is to know about the most crucial factors to consider when setting up commercial HVAC systems!

Common Mistakes in Commercial HVAC Installation

Commercial HVAC installation in Los Angeles is a complex and crucial process that directly affects the comfort and energy efficiency of a commercial building. However, several common mistakes can occur during the installation process. These mistakes can lead to suboptimal performance, increased energy costs, and even system failures. 

Here are some of the most common HVAC installation mistakes to avoid:

Commercial HVAC System Size

Selecting the proper size of your HVAC system is crucial to preventing issues later on. You can improve your chances of receiving the right size HVAC system by following a few tips.

It is first possible to locate an industry expert whose judgment you can rely on. They can inform you of what you should know. But most of the time, consumers are forced to rely on what a contractor says to them.

When choosing the appropriate size for your HVAC system, consider a few things.

It is advisable that you first speak with contractors who are equipped to install a wide range of HVAC system sizes. There’s a better chance they’ll tell you the system will work even though they won’t be able to install a one-sized system.

Second, it’s critical to comprehend the precise issues that arise from using an HVAC system that is too small. You will need more heating and cooling capacity to regulate the temperature in your building if the system is too small.

However, a too-large system will result in an excess of weaponry. In actuality, it doesn’t interfere with the temperature control system. All it does is squander your cash.

Considering this information, you can select the appropriate size of an HVAC system.

A lot of individuals never turn off their air conditioning units. It is the default setting if your HVAC system lacks a programmable thermostat.

Ensure you install a programmable thermostat with your commercial HVAC system. In this manner, you may program your HVAC system to change its output in response to many factors.

For instance, you can program the equipment to shut it off at night. Spending energy regulating a building’s temperature when it is empty is unnecessary.

Furthermore, your HVAC system will start to malfunction during the night due to it. That will contribute to extending its life.

Programing the thermostat to switch off when you’re on vacation is also possible. You might also turn off the HVAC system if no one is in the building.

Avoiding serious problems with indoor air quality requires proper ductwork. Some people install new HVAC systems but maintain their old ducts. While it might save you money initially, it’s not always the best option. Mold, dust, debris, pollen, and other impurities get trapped in aged ducts. A poorly sealed duct can cause allergies, breathing issues, and other health dangers by lowering the air quality and exposing yourself to irritants and air pollutants. It’s also possible that the old ducts won’t work with your new setup, particularly if you resized the HVAC system. Your ducts will only allow adequate and proper airflow if they are bigger.) It will significantly reduce the system’s cooling capacity.

Thermostats should be strategically placed away from heat sources, direct sunlight, and draft. Incorrect thermostat placement can lead to inaccurate temperature readings and inefficient system operation.

The air conditioner you have moves a lot of air. It must have unrestricted access to all of the air it needs. Even if it proves to be a perfectly working thing, it will never yield the results that you are seeking if not.

Many conceal their HVAC system where no one can see it. It occasionally indicates that it ends up in a partially blocked area. That is an error.

Installing your HVAC system where it has easy access to air is preferable.

Ignoring the value of proper insulation becomes one of the most typical HVAC installation mistakes homeowners should avoid. Neglecting insulation during HVAC system installation can result in serious problems such as decreased system efficiency and increased energy bills.

It’s critical to consider insulation when designing your HVAC system to maintain comfort and energy efficiency in your house. Insulation aids in keeping warm air out of the building in the summer and cold air during the winter. It lowers energy bills, maintains consistent temperatures, and improves HVAC system efficiency.

In order to increase insulation and decrease air leaks, consider sealing or weatherstripping gaps and cracks surrounding windows and doors. 

Not setting up regular HVAC maintenance checks. Ignoring regular HVAC maintenance may end up in costly damage. It also reduces the longevity of your HVAC equipment. 

It’s crucial to arrange a yearly HVAC maintenance check to ensure your system is operating at its best. 

In the course of regular service, an HVAC contractor is going to:

  • Check the thermostat
  • Clean and inspect the evaporator coil
  • Adjust and check the blower components
  • Inspect and lubricate the motors.
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Clean and check the condensate drain
  • Inspect the condenser coil
  • Examine the pilot operation and electric ignition.
  • Inspect the heat duct system. 

Regarding HVAC installation, one of the most common and expensive errors homeowners may make is using unlicensed contractors. While choosing the least expensive option is alluring, skimping on the HVAC installation may cost you a lot more in the long run. Subprofessional installers might have different training or expertise than professionals, which could lead to a risky installation or a failure-prone system. 

The current HVAC system in the property should be thoroughly inspected by a qualified HVAC company, who should also be able to spot any problems or potential issues and offer advice on the ideal action plan. To guarantee that the HVAC unit is installed correctly and complies with local laws, certified technicians also understand the industry standards, codes, and regulations specific to the area. 

Examining customer reviews and evaluations is crucial when selecting an HVAC contractor. 

Los Angeles Commercial HVAC Installation

Ways to Avoid These Mistakes

The issues above can be resolved by working with receptive and trustworthy professionals for commercial HVAC installation. You can research HVAC systems to get the best one for your property.

To better understand the installation process, you can refer to the HVAC instruction booklet and watch online videos. The ductwork sealing error can be fixed using a permanent sealer, and determining the ideal location for the condenser unit can be assisted by measuring its size.

Prevent These Common Mistakes and Enjoy Your Commercial HVAC System

A well-maintained and installed commercial HVAC system is essential for building living comfortably and economically. Most HVAC installation jobs can go without a hitch, but occasionally, mistakes that cost more in the long run can happen. Knowing what to watch out for is key to avoiding these mistakes and using a properly functional HVAC system.

Our skilled commercial HVAC installation and repair professionals at AirOstat, Inc. have offered excellent HVAC installation and maintenance services for years. We aim to offer our customers affordable, high-quality HVAC services so they may have comfortable temperatures all year round.

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