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Our AC maintenance company in Los Angeles is trained to provide the best Residential HVAC preventive maintenance possible. They’ll ensure that your heating or cooling system is running efficiently and safely.

It doesn’t matter what type of heating or cooling unit you have – we’ll work with any brand, model or age. Plus, our services are affordable for just about every budget! You won’t find another company that offers such high-quality service at affordable prices.

Not only will Residential HVAC preventative maintenance extend the life of your equipment, but it will also reduce energy usage, which means lower monthly bills for you! So don’t delay – Contact us today 844-247-6782 to get started right away!

Residential HVAC | AC Maintenance Company in Los Angeles

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AC Maintenance Company in Los Angeles

Prevent costly breakdowns, reduce energy bills and extend the life of your system, all with a highly experienced AC maintenance company in Los Angeles.

You wouldn’t drive a car for 30K miles without an oil change; why risk having problems with heating or cooling? Preventative measures can help keep you safe from any potential issues down the line and help you avoid large repair costs.

Your air conditioning system is an essential part of your home and if it breaks down, you could be looking at a significant expense. That’s why we recommend keeping up with annual maintenance appointments so that when something does go wrong, there’s no need for substantial repair work – just minor fixes like replacing filters can save hundreds on future bills!

Preventive HVAC maintenance keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently. Have you had a professional checkup on your heating and cooling system yet?  

As a quality-driven AC maintenance company in Los Angeles, we have worked hard to ensure that our customers feel confident when they request service knowing we have their best interest at heart.

We offer a variety of preventive maintenance plans and services designed to keep your home comfortable all year-round while also making it as painless as possible. Contact us to discover the full range of our services.

Residential Home Maintenance for Heating and AC

There are some things that can be done by residential homeowners throughout the year to maintain your heating and cooling systems.

For residential your cooling system, be sure to:

  • Keep debris and leaves away from your unit
  • Shut the doors and vents of unused rooms in your house
  • Turn up the temperature. For every degree that you raise above 78 °F degrees, you can save up to 10% on your cooling costs
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat (this can be helpful for your heating
    system, as well)
  • Weather-proof your home with better seals, insulation and other solutions

For your heating system, be sure to:

  • Replace the filters in your furnace and use the correct size and brand
  • Winterize your windows to keep warm air in
  • Be sure your heat registers are fully opened
  • Keep curtains drawn across windows
  • Use a humidifier to help transfer heat more easily
  • Use fans to help push down the warm air that rises to the ceiling

Each of these steps will help your systems run efficiently until the next residential HVAC maintenance appointment. Whether you are looking for HVAC installation, repair, replacement or any other service – we will be happy to speak with you and find the best solution for your needs.

Our team of highly trained and skilled technicians work with high quality equipment to ensure great and long lasting results.

Call AirOstat at 844-247-6782 for your Preventive Maintenance needs in Los Angeles.

AC maintenance company in los angeles