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Los Angeles Commercial HVAC Installation

Commercial AC installation is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in your future. Therefore, you’ll want to choose the right system for you. As a Los Angeles ac company, we are here to ensure your comfort. From replacing Commercial AC units to installing Commercial AC units for new construction, AirOstat has you covered!

We specialize in commercial and industrial air conditioning installation in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas. No job is too big or small. We offer free quotes on a new Commercial air conditioner replacement or a new Commercial installation on every project. We offer a wide selection of Commercial air conditioner models at affordable prices.

Whether you need air conditioner installation in Los Angeles for a single unit or an entire office building, our highly trained and experienced Commercial HVAC technicians will provide you with speedy, high-quality service you can always depend on.

AirOstat is ready to help you through every step of the process. Our team has years of Commercial experience installing AC units. Replacing you’re old commercial heating and cooling equipment with new, commercial energy-efficient models is a great start.

However, the new equipment must be installed appropriately to ensure you get the best performance. Improper installation can reduce system efficiency by up to 30%, costing you more on your utility bills and shortening the equipment’s life. Contact Airostat, your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation company in Los Angeles.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation company

Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial Heat Pumps

AirOstat, Inc. is where to go for all your commercial heat pump needs. We offer new commercial ac installation services and replacements, repairs, or routine maintenance – whatever you need to be done.

Our technicians are trained in their trade to take care of business quickly with expert artistry that will make your equipment last for years.

The convenience of a Commercial packaged unit is unbeatable! All you have to do is find one location for your outdoor and indoor units. 

With rooftop packaged units, you can comfort an air conditioner without sacrificing energy efficiency. Commercial Packaged systems are easy to install and maintain while being cost-effective for businesses. You can rest easy knowing that our team has been doing this for quite some time, and we know what we’re doing!

Our technicians will ensure everything goes smoothly and efficiently so there aren’t any surprises along the way. If something goes wrong, we offer fast turn-around appointments so that no one ever has to suffer another hot day without their Commercial A/C again! 

When buying heating and cooling equipment for a business, choosing energy-efficient products is a good step in the right direction.

AirOstat, Inc., will ensure your commercial equipment is properly sized and installed as we understand the importance of those elements to ensure that your new system performs optimally. Commercial AC systems, while tough, have never been built to last indefinitely.

When you are frustrated with below acceptable cooling, inefficiency, and constant repair service, call AirOstat, Inc. and inquire about our air conditioner replacement in Los Angeles. We assure you you’ll receive the perfect Commercial AC replacement that keeps your workers and customers cool and comfortable.

For your free commercial air conditioning pro consultation, whether you require a new, high-efficiency AC cooling unit replacement or a new AC installation in Los Angeles, call AirOstat today at 844-247-6782, and trust the services of the leading HVAC company in Los Angeles. You can also count on us for your commercial AC repair services.

Commercial Packaged / Rooftop Units

Commercial Rooftop Units

Why is Los Angeles Air Conditioning Installation So Important?

Commercial air conditioner installation is vital for businesses due to several reasons. Firstly, the area in which a business operates must have a comfortable atmosphere for employees and customers, and this can only be achieved through a functional commercial air conditioning system.

Secondly, different commercial spaces require different types of air conditioning units. Professional contractors are needed to determine the size, type, and placement of the air conditioner that will suit a particular place.

Moreover, air conditioning systems require proper maintenance to function effectively and efficiently. That’s why it’s essential to have experienced staff to ensure the system is regularly checked and maintained. Hiring experienced and certified contractors can guarantee proper installation and maintenance of the air conditioning systems.

One of the most significant benefits of an efficient commercial air conditioning system is its impact on electricity bills. Running an inefficient system can lead to higher energy costs. This means that a high-performance air conditioning unit can help reduce electricity bills, making it essential for any business looking to reduce overhead costs.

AC installation in Los Angeles CA is vital to create a comfortable atmosphere for employees and customers in the area of operation. It also requires the expertise of experienced staff and contractors to ensure that the system is installed correctly for optimal performance and energy efficiency, which helps in reducing the business’s overhead costs.

Maximize HVAC Investment with Los Angeles Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Are you looking for a suitable investment for your business? A commercial HVAC system can be a significant expense, and ensuring you get the most out of it is essential. That’s where professional commercial air conditioning installation services come in. With AirOstat, Inc., you can rely on licensed, insured, and bonded experts with years of experience in the HVAC industry to provide impeccable installation services.

A poorly installed HVAC system can cause problems, leading to high energy bills and reduced air quality. Investing in a professional installation team can ensure that your system performs at peak efficiency and maintains the indoor air quality of your business. Whether you need a ductless, mini-split, or central HVAC system, our team has the expertise to make it work for your needs.

By relying on the experts at AirOstat, Inc., you can rest assured that your HVAC investment will pay off with reliable and efficient results. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation.

Correct HVAC Installation Maximizes Performance

When it comes to HVAC installation, several factors can impact your system’s performance. If a commercial HVAC system is not installed correctly, it can result in a host of problems. One of the problems that can occur is inadequate airflow, which can cause uneven cooling or heating in your building. Additionally, incorrect installation of the ductwork can lead to leakage, further reducing the energy efficiency of your system.

The good news is that relying on AirOstat for professional air conditioning installation in Los Angeles, CA, can maximize your HVAC investment and prevent these issues. Our team of professionals ensures that every HVAC system component functions properly. We carefully design and install the ductwork so your system has the correct airflow to keep your business environment comfortable.

Moreover, our installation includes special features that boost the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, leading to significant energy savings in the long run. With our extensive experience in the HVAC industry, we understand what it takes to get the job done right the first time. That’s why we take pride in offering superior services to our clients while ensuring they stay safe and happy.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a well-functioning HVAC system, count on the expertise of AirOstat. Whether you need commercial or residential HVAC installation in Los Angeles, our professionals serve businesses and homes in California and beyond. Contact us today for an appointment, and see what our happy customers have to say in our glowing reviews!

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Los Angeles

Commercial air conditioning systems are essential in creating a comfortable workspace conducive to productivity, customer satisfaction, and health. The type of air conditioning system you choose will depend on your specific needs and budget. Here are the different types of commercial air conditioning installations:

Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner

A ductless, mini-split air conditioner is a system that does not require ductwork and consists of separate indoor and outdoor units. These units are commonly used in small offices, server rooms, and retail stores. The benefits of having a ductless mini-split air conditioner include energy efficiency, zone control, and installation flexibility.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

Similar to the ductless mini-split air conditioner, a multi-split air conditioning system utilizes separate indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit, but it is typically larger and can accommodate up to five indoor units. The benefit of this air conditioning system is that it allows for individual temperature control in specific areas while using the same outdoor unit. A multi-split air conditioning system can also improve energy efficiency and provide flexibility in cooling solutions.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is the most common type of air conditioning system in commercial buildings. This system utilizes a central air handler, distributing cool air to multiple rooms through a duct network. Central air conditioning is highly energy-efficient and has low maintenance requirements, making it ideal for large commercial spaces with multiple rooms.

VRF or VRV Air Conditioner

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)  or VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning systems are energy-efficient and can provide heating and cooling using a single system. These systems utilize a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units and can provide precise temperature control and efficient operation. VRF or VRV air conditioning systems are ideal for commercial buildings with specific cooling requirements.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)

A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) is a self-contained heating and cooling system for small commercial spaces such as hotels, dorms, and apartments. PTAC systems are compact and are installed directly into the wall, and they are highly efficient and offer individual temperature control in separate rooms.

Vertical Terminal Air Conditioners (VTAC)

Vertical Terminal Air Conditioners (VTAC) are similar to PTAC systems but are designed for larger commercial spaces. VTAC systems are vertical and can be installed in the walls or ceilings. They provide excellent energy efficiency and individual temperature control for each room. VTAC systems are commonly used in hospitals, hotels, and office buildings.

Window Mount AC Units

Window-mount AC units are ideal for small commercial spaces or single offices. These units are installed in a window unit and provide individual temperature control. They are cost-effective and easy to install but may not be the most energy-efficient option.

Choosing the right commercial air conditioning installation system is crucial to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for your employees and customers. Consider your specific needs and budget when deciding which system to install. Consult with a professional ac company in Los Angeles to ensure that you select the most efficient and effective system for your space.

Top-Rated Los Angeles Commercial HVAC Installation Company

As one of the top-rated HVAC companies in Los Angeles, AirOstat, Inc. takes pride in offering exceptional services for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re looking to install a new AC unit or upgrade your existing HVAC system, we have the expertise and experience to do the job right.

We understand that every business has unique needs and requirements regarding its HVAC systems, so we offer a personalized approach to each consultation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your current cooling and heating needs and recommend the best solutions that fit your budget.

When it comes to HVAC installation, AirOstat uses only the highest-quality products from leading manufacturers. This ensures that your system is reliable and efficient and lasts for years to come. Our team of skilled technicians has years of experience handling simple and complex commercial HVAC installations, ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget.

At AirOstat, Inc., we know that installing HVAC systems can be a significant investment for a business. That’s why we offer competitive pricing for all our services, along with flexible financing options. We believe quality commercial HVAC installations should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or budget.

AirOstat, Inc. is the go-to choice for businesses looking for top-rated commercial HVAC installation services in Los Angeles. With our commitment to personalized consultations, high-quality products, and competitive pricing, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results for your business. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step toward improving your commercial HVAC system.