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How Long Does It Take to Install an AC Unit

Over the years, as we have installed air conditioning systems, one of the most frequent questions we have been asked is: how long does it take to install an AC unit? AirOstat, Inc. has been installing air conditioning units for a long time, and we know that it’s a complex, one-size-fits-all process. The installation length depends on several factors: size, HVAC system selection, ductwork, and more. A new AC system may probably be done in a single day, with most installations taking four to eight hours, to give you an approximate time. 

We have been installing heating and air conditioning systems throughout the Los Angeles area for many years. We worked in various homes, including duplexes, apartments, and condos. Many houses and businesses have slight differences that are important to consider when pertaining to the HVAC system, even though several places may have similar appearances. AirOstat, Inc. has been providing services to Los Angeles since 2011, so we have extensive knowledge regarding AC replacement in our community. 

How Long Does It Take to Install an AC Unit?

The average installation of an air conditioner takes four to eight hours. Depending on the accessibility, weather, and size of the current system, these times may change. 

Factors Affecting the Duration It Takes to Install the AC Unit

Many factors affect the time it takes to install an AC unit, so several factors must be considered when determining how long it will take. It matters what kind of system you choose, how big the system is, and how old it is. That also depends on where you’d like your Los Angeles AC unit installed; it may be on the side of the house or the roof. 

Here, we’ll delve a little more into each of the following: 

Your Home’s Size

The house size can affect how long it takes to install an air conditioner. The size of the house and its square footage are important factors since they influence how long the initial inspection and in-home estimate will take. Installing any central AC unit may take longer in larger homes due to the need to solve complex concerns such as electrical problems and ducting modifications.

AC Installation in Los Angeles CA

The Units Location

The amount of time required for AC installation in Los Angeles mostly depends on the installation location. The installation time could be prolonged if the place is challenging. The expert will evaluate the state of the house during an in-home estimate and choose the ideal placement of your central air unit, considering the line set, outdoor condenser, and inside evaporator coil.

AC Unit Type

The installation times for various types of AC units, including packaged units, condensing units, and mini-split units, may vary. Split units consist of independent outdoor and indoor components, whereas packaged units integrate these elements into a single unit. The installation time may vary as a result of this design variation. 

Los Angeles AC Installation

The Unit Size

The size of the indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser of the AC system also affect installation time. Connecting the refrigerant, installing the line set, and ensuring the larger systems operate properly could take longer. To ensure the best performance and efficiency, the technician will calculate the manual load during the in-home estimate to establish the proper air conditioning unit size for your home.

Whether or Not Ductwork Is Needed

Modifications to the ductwork can have a significant impact on installation time. Updating or installing new ductwork in your home will likely take longer than a typical installation. It may concern EPA regulations for removing asbestos from older properties. It saves time if the ductwork in your house is already installed and doesn’t require any modifications. 

First-time installation or replacement

A replacement AC unit might take less time to install than an initial changeout. Infrastructure that already exists, such as ductwork and wiring, helps speed up the process. On the other hand, any extra tasks, such as unplugging and connecting the AC unit to the furnace, might take longer.

How Long Would It Take To Change An AC Unit?

Replacing an AC unit often takes less time than installing one. Because they are experienced with the procedure, HVAC contractors in Los Angeles can install the new system, remove the old one, and collect refrigerant quickly.

How Long Would It Take to Install a Mini Split vs. Central Air?

Due to the intricacy of the wiring and ductwork, central air installations usually take longer than split unit installations. Because they don’t require ductwork, mini splits can be installed more quickly. System commissioning is necessary to guarantee peak performance and energy economy.

Cool down within no time with AirOstat, Inc.

Installing or replacing an air conditioner can seem intimidating, particularly if the temperature rises. The good thing is that provided the necessary parts and labor are on hand, and you can typically install the cooling system in a single workday.

Our pleasure at AirOstat, Inc. is to provide prompt, accurate service. Nobody wants to endure the oppressive Los Angeles summers with no air conditioning that operates correctly. For this reason, our certified specialists make every effort to provide top-notch air conditioning services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas on schedule and within budget.

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